12-week waist shred plan

by wayne finn

Do you recognise that body in the mirror?

“This lockdown really knocked my fitness levels. My trousers are fitting snugger. I ate a tonne of takeaways, snacked more, drank more and my tummy got a bit doughy. I just don’t really recognise the person looking back in the mirror. […]”

As the owner of a gym and the PT for dozens of clients, this is one of the many texts I’ve been getting a lot since lockdown. And I am sure you can relate. So, I decided to do something about it…

Get your pre-lockdown waist back in weeks!

Miss your old body?

 Hi, I’m Wayne! I’m the owner of Drakes Gym and I’ve been a healthy person all my life. But lockdown changed my fitness routine too. Like a lot of people over the last year, I realised I was not keeping up the same level of activity. (And also found myself snacking a bit too. Shh…)

Something extra needed to be done. My clients and I needed fast results. So, I used my decades of PT experience (and some advice from a great nutritionist) to create the 12-Week Waist Shred Plan

If you need to crank up your metabolism and burn off those excess calories, use the same method my clients and I have used.

Our 12-Week Waist Shred Plan combines workouts, nutrition and habit changes to tone you quickly!


12-Week Waist Shred Plan

Just look at the AMAZING results! And she's nearly sixty. What can our plan do for you?

The 12-Week Waist Shred Plan combines:

Just how does our 12-Week Waist Shred Plan work? It takes 3 key elements!


Standard recipe book sample

Plant-based recipe book sample

Tasty Macro Meals

Forget strict meal plans! You’ve never deprived yourself before. Don’t start now. You’ve probably always eaten fairly well. But now you just need that extra push to get rid of the lockdown pounds. Our 12-Week Waist Shred Plan gives you the tools, knowledge and recipes needed to slim down your waistline.

If you’re following a vegan or non-vegan diet, our meal plans work. We’ll make it easy to structure and track what you eat with support from MyFitnessPal. It’s tech, science and food all working towards a better you!

  • 90+ powerful plant-based or standard meals to make
  • 6 full shopping lists and simple directions make prep easy
  • Track with MyFitnessPal barcodes
  • With our 12-week plan, get the ideal mix of macronutrients
  • Cook less and eat better with micro-batch cooking
  • Includes Italian, Thai, French cuisines and more


Training plan sample

Waist-focused Training Plan

You’ve always been pretty fit. You just need some support. So, each month we’ll send you an easy-to-follow training plan for outdoor or in-home workouts. The 12-Week Waist Shred Plan also includes demonstration videos so you can check your technique. But we want you to see results, so plan for your workouts to sit at 30-60 minutes long.

  • 12 weeks of training cycles sent via email
  • 80 powerful exercise videos to guide you
  • 9 different workouts to shed belly fat
  • Reach your ab goals in under an hour a day
  • Do your exercise plan indoors or outdoors
  • Skip the boredom with new workouts each month


Healthy habit Coaching

At Drakes Gym, we are all about habit transformation coaching for a healthy liveable lifestyle in the long-term. So, to support you, we’ll send you tip-filled emails. These resources will help you make real changes to your habits that support your ideal body goals. Plus, they’ll keep you motivated to maintain your diet and exercise training. Get rid of that tummy fat and keep it off.

12-Week Waist Shred Plan habit challenges include:

  • A killer fat-loss kickstarting book to launch your journey
  • A unique lifestyle challenge delivered every 2 weeks (eat real food, stop snacking and more)
  • Lose inches in your waistline by changing your habits
  • Motivation from the Drakes Gym PT team

More than £1000 worth of tools, kits and support!


A £1020 value for a fraction of the cost!



£ 97
  • Fat-Loss e-Book
  • Meal Plans
  • Training Plans
  • Healthy Habit Coaching
  • Refreshingly Simple, Inspiring Resources

Can you really afford to feel like this for much longer?

You can do it! You can get your body back. We can help.

Why is this plan the right one?

"I've been front-row to hundreds of body and lifestyle transformations at Drakes Gym. I created this plan to help me get back to my ideal fit. And I know it can help you. Our methods work. And now you can apply them at home, at work, outdoors or wherever you roam." - Wayne

For one low flat-rate fee, get all the tools and training you need to shred down to your ideal body.

Created by Drakes Gym personal trainers

We have decades of experience in driving body transformations.

Developed by nutritionists

We support vegans and non-vegans with better eating.

Designed to motivate

We'll top you up with regular habit-changing tips.

There's no time to delay. Sign up today and find yourself again in just 12 weeks.

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