3 Mental Strategies That Can Help You Lose Weight

It’s all in your head. That’s what you have to remind yourself when you set out on a weight loss journey. All the pain and second guessing comes from within. That’s why tackling your mindset is the first thing you should to to ensure your success.

Here are three mental strategies you can use during your weight loss journey.

#1 Hold Yourself Accountable

The best way to be accountable to the weight loss goal you have set up for yourself is to tell others about it. If it’s just between you and yourself, it’s easy to cheat. Unfortunately, many times we don’t give our own goals the importance that we give the goals others set for us.

By bringing other people into your journey, you kind of know that they are watching you. You’ll feel more afraid to give in or give up on your goal, and they’ll also be there to offer encouragement during the tough times.

#2 Ditch The Scale

So many people get caught up worrying about the number on the scale that it ends up being detrimental to their weight loss journey. Your weight fluctuates constantly. The reality is that, if you were to weigh yourself in the morning and then lay still in bed all day, your weight would still be different the next time you got up to stand on the scale.

Don’t allow the scale to control you or tell you when you are making progress. Instead, use progress photos and measurements to track your progress and, most importantly: take note of how you feel. Can you walk upstairs without feeling winded? Do your jeans fit a bit loose now? Those are the “non scale victories” you should focus on.

#3 Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

You might have a big goal that you want to reach, like losing 50 pounds, but it’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself and get discouraged before you even start. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to sit down and break your goal up into smaller goals.

Take it week by week and day by day. Be realistic about when you can reach your big goal and stay motivated along the way by setting smaller goals you can work towards. This way, you’ll be able to hit milestones on the road to your goals and figure out what’s really keeping you motivated as you aim for that big goal.

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