The 6 Principles Of Pilates

Every exercise program has a mission. Different forms of exercise operate on different beliefs or principles. Pilates is no different. Joseph Pilates believed that your mental health depended on a strong physical body. This is what he learned from his classical Greek studies. He believed the opposite was also true, that your body couldn’t be …

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Why We Get Food Cravings

If you have been on a restrictive diet (or two or three) that eliminated one or more types of foods, then you have probably experienced food cravings and also know they always win out, regardless of how hard you try to resist. Have you ever wondered why they happen and why they are so powerful? …

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Drakes Gym: Reopening 2

  We’re reopening! If you caught the prime minister’s press conference on Nov 23rd, you’ll already know gyms are able to reopen across the country from Dec 2nd. That’s great news for all of us. And I know it will help us get back some sense of normalcy. Review the UK’s winter plan We’ll open …

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