Five Major Health Benefits of Weight Training:

Have you ever been interested in weight training but skeptical of what type of person weight training is really for? Or maybe you’re stuck in a cardio rut, jogging a few miles in the morning and waiting to see the fat melt off but it never goes away, or maybe you’re in the beginning of your weight loss journey but you don’t know what the magical & winning combination between cardio and weight lifting looks like. Whoever you are, and no matter what stage of fitness you’re in, you should know the incredible benefits weight training will have on your body. So,  before you write off weight lifting to the boys in tank tops, lets take a look at five benefits weight lifting has on your body.

1. You’ll lose that stubborn belly fat

Often times its those last few inches around the midsection that haunt your endless cardio efforts. This is because cardio does not raise your metabolic rate like weight lifting does. When you lift weights you’re increasing muscle mass and muscle burns through calories faster, meaning it requires more of your body’s energy when it is at rest. So, even when you are finished lifting weights for the day, your body will burn through the calories you consume faster, crushing those last few inches.

2. It strengthens your bones

Yes, of course your muscles grow stronger but most people don’t realise the incredible effects weight lifting has on your bones. Having strong bones reduces the risk of injury especially as you age. As you get older, your bone mass begins to go away due to improper nutrition over the years, lack of activity, and general age-related body changes. So, if you don’t keep your bones strong, you could break bones far more easily as you get older. Lifting weights gets the bones used to bearing pressure, and slows down the natural dystrophy as you get older.

3. You’ll perform better during your cardio workouts

This one is for all of you perhaps dreading the thought of adding weight lifting into your precious weekly workout routine. Whether you are a runner, swimmer or cyclist lifting weights will absolutely enhance your cardio performance. For instance, if you’re a runner, lifting weights with your legs will strengthen your lower extremity muscles and will help propel you from your starting position and improve your pace overall as you take each stride. If you take time to lift weights around your abdomen, chest, and back you will strengthen your core, which will increase speed and maintain your posture, reducing the risk of injury.

4. You’ll burn more calories when you’re resting.

Yes, its true! You can actually burn more calories when your body is resting if you lift weights. As aforementioned, muscles require more energy expenditure from your body than fat does, which means your body burns more calories when you have more muscles. When your body burns up its simple sugars and carbs it will begin to burn its reserved fuel, which is, you guessed it, fat! Don’t be surprised if you begin to gain weight after you start a weight training regiment. Muscles weigh more than fat but they also take up less room. So don’t be alarmed if you see the scale numbers climbing, because your inches are most likely melting away.

5. You will be more flexible

You might be surprised to find out that weight training can have similar or even greater effects than stretching on your flexibility. The key is performing your weight training exercises in proper full range of motion. In a recent study performed on 25 college students, each participant was assigned to either a five week stretching program or a five week weight training program to test which program increased the students flexibility. The results were astounding: weight training either outperformed stretching or was just as effective (depending on the muscle group).

So What

These are just five practical benefits weight training will have on your overall wellness. Not to mention, you’ll look healthy, you’ll feel strong, and studies suggest an increase in muscle mass can run parallel to an increase in self-confidence. If you don’t know where to begin with weight training and are perhaps intimidated by large gyms where everyone looks like they know what they are doing, check out this unique personal training in a personal, full equipped training studio to get your start. Whether its toning up, crushing those last few inches around the belly, or looking to just build some more personal confidence, weight training is for everyone and can benefit anyone. Strong is healthy, strong is sexy!

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