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  • £75
  • Drop-In PT Session

    • one off session
    • introduction to personal training
    • experience boutique studio
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  • £700
  • PT Package

    • block of 10 personal training sessions
    • tailored to suit your needs
    • perfect way to kickstart a fitter you
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  • £1170
  • 6-week Transformation Package

    • 6-week intense training package
    • 3 times a week
    • 18 hours in the gym with a trainer
    • lifestyle and diet advice
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  • £2160
  • 12-week Transformation Package

    • 12-week intense training package
    • 3 times a week
    • 36 hours in the gym with a trainer
    • lifestyle and diet advice
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  • £75
  • Drop-In Reformer Pilates

    • 60-minute private session on the Reformer
    • learn how to use the equipment safely
    • experience why Pilates is so efficient
    • introduction to 1-to-1  Pilates
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  • £700
  • Reformer Pilates Package

    • understand how the core muscles work
    • start building up your strength & flexibility
    • from Pilates novices to experienced practitioners
    • package of 10 1-to-1 sessions
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Drakes Method

Wayne has developed his own unique style where he combines strength and conditioning work in the gym while also incorporating Reformer Pilates sessions to deliver a holistic approach to personal training.

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  • £90
  • Drakes Method Taster

    • single session with our master trainer
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  • £1530
  • Drakes Method (6-week)

    • Express 6-Week Training Programme
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  • £2880
  • Drakes Method (12-week)

    • Intensive 12-Week Programme
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This 22-minute fast paced workout video from one of our instructors Bea, will challenge your core and leave you feeling energised. You will also focus on the fundamentals of Pilates including breathing, posture and form. The video is suitable for healthy individuals. Enjoy! Team Drakes Gym