Reformer Pilates


1-to-1 reformer pilates

The Reformer is a specially designed exercise bed on which Pilates movements are performed against the added resistance of weights. Most, but not all, exercises on the reformer involve pulling or pushing the carriage with the aid of straps, springs and a foot bar, the result is a more dynamic version of Pilates with a wider repertoire of exercises.

Reformer Pilates is already a celebrity favourite and gaining popularity across the gender and age gaps.

Pilates and in particular reformer Pilates has also been proven to overcome some of the musculoskeletal symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause. *


* Pilates intervention has been proven to increase muscle strength and flexibility and minimize the harmful effects of menopause on function (Montero-Fernandez and Serra-Rexach, 2013)

Our private Reformer Pilates sessions are targeted and highly effective, designed to maximise results. Suitable for men and women looking for improvement such as: tone and strengthen your body; improve posture; improve stability and flexibility; relieve back pain; rehab/recover from an injury, pre- and postnatal, improve sports performance and those looking for a longer, leaner body shape.



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Wayne Finn

Founder, Personal Trainer

Beáta Bodnár

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Working on the Pilates Reformer under Bea’s expert tuition has been transforming. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when I started my course having not done Pilates before. Bea is so knowledgeable, encouraging, skilled and focussed that the sessions speed past and she keeps it fun and interesting whilst keeping goals front of mind. I have fantastic results in terms of increased muscle strength, tone and flexibility which manifest as less stiffness, aches plus better posture and generally looking better and feeling really good. Big recommendation from me.

Suzanne Fairweather

I was amazed by the level of attention given to me by Wayne who was training me with a bespoke programme, and by Bea who gave me Reformer Pilates classes every other morning. This is an amazing gym with amazing attention, and great outcomes.

Rony Zibara

Pilates at Drakes Gym is amazing! I've been training there for over a year and seen very positive results. I feel trimmer, firmer and toned. Thanks to Bea, the best personal instructor ever.

Rita Adewole