Our Most Popular Package

Our Transformation Packages aim to help you do just that… Transform.  We do it together, it’s a commitment from us as much as from you and, believe it or not, you’ll find the programme enjoyable and rejuvenating.

“Having been a personal trainer for 20 years I have realised that to make significant changes to someone's health you need to create good habits. Our Transformation Packages change lives, there is no doubt about that, it requires commitment but the results are waiting and can be reached. It’s so rewarding to work with someone in this way and be part of their success“



If you recognise and have personally experienced any of the following then you will benefit from a Transformation Package  

  • Decreasing motivation levels to continue with exercise, past the first few weeks

  • Finding time to fit exercise into your life

  • You are already regularly taking part in sport but struggling to improve your performance

  • Feeling lethargic and disconnected

  • Just don’t feel comfortable visiting a gym; don’t feel you fit in

  • You’ve struggled with yoyo dieting; you’ve had success but keep putting weight back on

  • Traditional diet programmes just don’t seem to work for you


Take the first step towards making a positive change with a programme designed just for you and in partnership with you.


One Positive Step | Make a Change | Challenge Yourself | Reach Your Goal

How Three Easy Steps

ONE: We book a consultation

Lasting approximately 30 minutes, this is our chance to get to know you. We talk through your current status in fitness, health, weight management. We discuss any particular goals you might have eg: are you aiming to reach your target weight/body shape for a specific event; are you aiming to kick-start a lifestyle change; do you only have a set period of time available.

TWO: We create your personalised programme

The transformation package will incorporate multiple (minimum of 3) training sessions per week plus nutritional guidance and suggested lifestyle modifications. We recommend which of our personal trainers would be best fitted to help you achieve your goal/s. Options would be for a 6 or 12-week programme.

THREE: Book your first training session

You have taken the first positive step towards the new you. As soon as you book your first appointment our journey begins and you can now look forward to the rewards. By the end of the programme you will be literally transformed - a better body shape, increased energy levels, slimmer toned body, improved performance and often we hear that clients also benefit from improved mood and sleep patterns. The Transformation really does change lives we can help you transform yours!


Wayne Finn

Founder, Personal Trainer

Pearce Ranger

Personal Trainer

Ben Starke

Personal Trainer

Working on the Pilates Reformer under Bea’s expert tuition has been transforming. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when I started my course having not done Pilates before. Bea is so knowledgeable, encouraging, skilled and focussed that the sessions speed past and she keeps it fun and interesting whilst keeping goals front of mind. I have fantastic results in terms of increased muscle strength, tone and flexibility which manifest as less stiffness, aches plus better posture and generally looking better and feeling really good. Big recommendation from me.

Suzanne Fairweather

I was amazed by the level of attention given to me by Wayne who was training me with a bespoke programme, and by Bea who gave me Reformer Pilates classes every other morning. This is an amazing gym with amazing attention, and great outcomes.

Rony Zibara

Pilates at Drakes Gym is amazing! I've been training there for over a year and seen very positive results. I feel trimmer, firmer and toned. Thanks to Bea, the best personal instructor ever.

Rita Adewole

Drakes designed a programme that suits me to come four times a week. Weight training and Pilates is a great blend for me - it enhances my overall wellbeing and relieves stress.

Tom Thesing

Just love this place. It's small, intimate, not like those chain gyms and all the team are friendly. I've been doing Reformer for a while now and have to say, it's the only time I have ever made it to the gym in the mornings early and enjoyed it! Not only that, it's not the easiest place for me to get to, from home or work, but the work outs make it worth the effort. My trainer is great, she's tough on me, but also understands those days, when a bit more coffee is needed before going hardcore! I would recommend Drakes to anybody and only wish I'd known about it earlier.

Dawn Riley

I regularly train but I have suffered from back problems for several years and have been constantly advised by my physio to do Pilates to increase my core strength and improve my flexibility. I have tried Pilates in the past but with little success. My trainer at Drakes Gym was recommended to me by a friend. What a transformation! I have been seeing her weekly now for about 6 months. My back feels as good as new and because it’s Reformer Pilates I feel it also has toned my whole body muscle. My flexibility has also improved drastically which I have noticed playing sport skiing tennis and golf. My trainer is so friendly and highly professional. She manages to assess your limits very quickly and push you to them but not beyond. I think this is why the results are so good, something I have not found in the past with Pilates. Drakes itself is such a friendly gym. Wayne the owner is great and you feel you are part of a family each time you enter. It’s not in the slightest intimidating and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to train. As for my trainer, she’s the best.

Dr Joe Oliver

I’ve been training on the Pilates Reformer at Drakes Gym for over 6 months now, and the experience has been an absolute joy! My trainer has a deep knowledge of the equipment, and the best ways to my achieve my personal goals through using it. Plus she’s a lovely positive person.

Andrew Stiff