Balancing work and working out can seem impossible at times, but we have the solution for you. We are

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Hello, I’m Wayne Finn, the owner of Drakes Gym and creator of Drakes Method, London's popular training programme.

"fitness is a lot more than just shedding a few pounds"

As someone who is in their fifties, I understand that fitness is a lot more than just shedding a few pounds. It’s about being healthy enough to attend work functions, feeling good when you look in the mirror and feeling energised, and it’s also about slowing the signs of ageing.

Do you find yourself feeling tired, slouching at your desk or unable to perform tasks that were once so easy? Maybe you find yourself concerned about your health, for example, you want to strengthen your heart, improve circulation or lower your risk of heart disease. By improving your health, you are securing your future so that you can see your kids and grandkids grow up or even go mountain hiking in Spain!

If you do not have enough energy to play with your favourite sport, participate in outdoor activities or sit at your desk without back pain, Drakes Gym is the place for you. You will receive a bespoke workout routine from our personal trainers, and this routine will target areas to help you achieve your ideal body.

Benefits of training at Drakes Gym

Fat Loss

Do you look in your mirror and feel like something is off? Whether you want to fit into your favourite old suit for an upcoming event or want to look and feel fabulousat a special reunion, we can help you healthily achieve your fat loss aims.

Strength and Conditioning

If you are finding it difficult to do tasks that were once so easy, from picking up something quickly to lugging around your bag, our personal training sessions can help you regain that strength.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Working in the office, dealing with employees or employers, can take its toll. You might find yourself coming home and just plopping on the couch, not really doing anything with your evening. It’s time for a change, and our personal training sessions can help you manage your stress and anxiety the right way.

Flexibility and Mobility

When you go for a walk, get up from your desk or reach something on a high shelf, you don’t want to have to sit down due to jointpain. Flexibility and mobility are both important ways to make sure your joints stay strong, which allows you to do everything you love.

Support for Ageing Healthily

Ageing doesn’t have to be scary, which is why you should embrace those changes but do it healthily! Training with us will have you feeling confident, healthy and fit enough to play the sport you used to enjoy when you were younger.

You have an individual goal, whether that means going down a few dress sizes to look stunning in your favourite dress, you haven’t worn in years, or managing the stress that comes with having a family, working and dealing with every obstacle life throws your way. Our personal training sessions will have you seeing the following benefits.

One Programme:

Drakes Method

Everyone that comes through our doors is different, which is why we do not expect you to follow the same routine as everyone else. You have different targets, whether that is losing a bit of weight to fit into your favourite dress or building core strength to carry all your shopping bags from your car in one trip.

Our personal trainers will work with you, to establish your goals, your level of fitness and health and then they will create a tailored plan to tackle your needs. If you have any health issues or physical injuries, they can accommodate this into your routine.

Reformer Pilates is already a celebrity favourite and gaining popularity across the gender and age gaps. 

The Reformer is a specially designed exercise bed on which Pilates movements are performed against the added resistance of weights. Most, but not all, exercises on the reformer involve pulling or pushing the carriage with the aid of straps, springs and a foot bar, the result is a more dynamic version of Pilates with a wider repertoire of exercises.

Our personal training sessions combined with private Reformer Pilates are targeted and highly effective, designed to maximise results fast. 



All those calorie dense lunches at work meetings, that cheeky second glass of wine in the evening, or even overeating healthy foods can make your journey towards your dream body longer and more difficult. We will help you break your bad eating habits to improve the way you feel, look and perform.

Our Happy Clients!

I came to Drakes at a time when I was feeling completely unfit and unhealthy and was looking to lose weight, I worked out with Wayne and Bea on a daily basis straight. I was amazed by the attentiongiven to me by Wayne who was training me with a bespoke program, and Bea who gave me Reformer Pilates classes every other morning. This is an amazing gym with amazing attention, and great outcomes.


Rony Zibara


Drakes Gym was recommended to me by a friend. What a transformation! I have been seeing my trainers for about 6 months. My back feels as good as new and because of Reformer Pilates I feel it also has toned my whole body muscle. My flexibility has also improved drastically which I have noticed playing sport skiing  tennis and golf. 


Joe Oliver


Just love this place. It’s small, intimate, not like those chain gyms and all the team are friendly. I have to say, it’s the only time I have ever made it to the gym in the mornings early and enjoyed it! Not only that, it’s not the easiest place for me to get to, from home or work, but the work outs make it worth the effort. Bea is great, she’s tough on me, but also understands those days, when a bit more coffee is needed before going hardcore! I would recommend Drakes to anybody and only wish I’d known about it earlier.


Dawn Riley

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results?

Typically 8-12 weeks and you will start to see changes in your body.

How often would I train?

2-3x per week.

How long do I train for?

A session lasts 60 minutes.

Can I buy water at your studio?

We ditched plastic a while ago, but we provide filtered tap water, so just bring your reusable bottle to fill up.

Who will I train with?

We will organise it for you. After the initial consultation, I will choose the most suitable trainer for you.

Where do you keep my personal information and for how long?

We keep all personal data in our own secured online system. We usually keep the files for our records, but we can delete your file after you finished training with us. Just let us know if you want us to remove it. We never give any data out to a 3rd party.

Is your name Drake?

No, my name is Wayne.

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