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Hi, I’m Wayne! I’m the owner of Drakes Gym, London’s first PT studio. For more than two decades, I’ve trained people just like you to make their body work for them. I founded Drakes Gym in 2005 and developed the Drakes Method soon after. It’s a programme that combines PT sessions, Reformer Pilates and healthy eating into a liveable, long-term lifestyle for any body at any age.

The Drakes Method works. I’m in my fifties and I feel as strong and energetic as I ever did in my thirties. And I don’t live to train either. You probably lead a busy life. I do too. That’s something you’ll have in common with everyone at Drakes Gym – we train to live. We train to have a strong healthy body, prevent illness and limit injuries.

I’m so passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals because I know personally how much impact fitness has on the ageing process. I’d love to share my story and how my approach can help you. Let’s chat today!

Wayne is the founder of Drakes Gym. He's our master trainer and creator of Drakes Method - his own unique approach to transform bodies. Wayne and his highly skilled team take a holistic approach to working with clients. They combine strength and conditioning work in the gym, bespoke Reformer Pilates sessions and body scans. This delivers a unique personal training programme that is challenging, fun and never boring.

Body Composition Analysis for free

Combining 1-2-1 Reformer Pilates sessions with gym training is a unique experience that other studios across London do not offer.

To tailor the experience even further, we check your exact body composition with our medical-grade InBody machine. This is vital in understanding your health and weight. This analysis goes deeper than your weight, however. It deconstructs your body into four sections, including water, minerals, fat and mass. This data can then be used to personalise your experience at Drakes Gym and shows which areas you need to target. This analysis is carried out every 4 to 8 weeks to track your progress. It’s also provided to new clients for free.

We are there for you

You will also love the space and the trendy location of Clerkenwell where Drakes Gym is located. We treat you in a professional yet friendly manner. And we aim to build a professional relationship with everyone. You will feel comfortable going to the gym again. Drakes Gym tries to accommodate through open communication.

If you have any questions while at the gym, I will take the time to answer. No loud music is present in the gym. There’s no Instagram selfie corner either. And I appreciate customer loyalty. Especially since some clients have been with me since the gym opened its doors.

Let our PTs take you by the hand and guide you in your journey towards the body of your dreams.

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