Targeted fitness with Body Scans

It’s hard to set realistic goals when you’ve got nothing to go on. Our body scan lets you get a detailed picture of your body composition. When you know how much lean muscle and fat you have, making an effective training programme is easier.

What is a Body Scan?

Our scanning device is trusted by the NHS to deliver accurate body measurements.

Evidence Based

Scientific evidence shows that a healthy body composition will increase your lifespan, energy levels, and improve self-esteem.

See What You're Made Of

Discover how changes in diet and exercise are improving your fat, muscle and water levels.

Workout Progression

Track your progress over time with subsequent scans to make long-lasting improvements to your health.

Body Fat Levels

Know how much lean mass and fat you have on each of your body parts and if it's in normal ranges.

Why do we need body composition?

Having a good body composition, means having a good balance between all the different components of your body. If the amount of even one of the 4 components (water, muscle, fat, minerals) gets out of balance severely, it can lead to diseases.

Some things, only a body scan can tell you...

Our body scans help you understand more about your body composition including fat, water levels and lean mass. With this information, our personal trainers can help you lose body fat, gain muscle mass, feel healthy, stronger and more confident.

InBody scan benefits:

Get this scan free with any PT or Pilates registration.

We’re one of the only PT & Pilates studios in central London to offer the body scan. You can book one now as a one-off. Or, you can enjoy a scan free of charge when you register for classes or PT sessions. Having regular body scans can help you track your progress towards your fitness goals and provide you with a clear progression path.

We care about the whole you.

Drakes Gym is just better – and not just because of our scientific approach.

We help you understand your body through body scans. That’s step one. Then we help you make the small changes you need to eat better too. Lastly, we work one-on-one with you to design a training programme that meets whatever goals you have for your ideal body result.

The Drakes Method

Building your ideal body

Scans help you understand your body and its training needs for faster results.

Our Happy Clients!

“My first scan was about a year ago when I was 37% body fat. With Wayne’s guidance and regular body scans I’ve not only dropped 12% fat but also gained 5 kilos of muscle. It has been extremely motivating to see the progressive line on the prints. 


“Such a professional health assessment – highly detailed, informative and non-invasive. In my previous gym my PT used a body fat caliper that made me feel quite uncomfortable each time. The body scans at Drakes are excellent and Wayne always make me feel comfortable. 


“Wonderful experience, highly recommend.  Seeing the exact numbers black and white has been amazing. Wayne is very helpful and explains all my results in a clear and non-judgemental manner. I am not only leaner but have learnt so much about my body.”

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